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A bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head at night, a bedroom is a true sanctuary. Whether your style is minimal and modern or eclectic and bold, your bedroom should be a place that you can retreat to and recharge! We love how design plays an essential part in that role.Your bedroom may be a room in your house that you’ve overlooked until now. It can be put on the back burner, design-wise, as other more “high-traffic” areas, get all the attention.
In design, we bring characteristics of the natural world into built spaces, such as water, greenary, and natiural light, or elements like wood and stone. Encouraging the use of natural systems and processes in design allows for exposure to nature, and in turn, these design approaches improve health and wellbeing. there are a number of possible benefits, including reduced heart rate variability and pulse rates, decreased blood pressure, and increased activity in our nervous systems, to name a few. Overtime, our connections to the natural world diverged in parallel with technological developments. Advances in the 19th and 20th centuries fundamentally changed how people interact with nature.
Dining Rooms are a place to gather, to entertain, to connect over good food and conversation! We think that no matter what style and size your dining room is, it should be a place that welcomes you in, time and time again